Alpaca isn’t nearly as hard to care for as everyone thinks.

It’s actually naturally dirt repelling and so it doesn’t even get dirty that much, so washes only need to be few and far between.

To wash, just follow three simple steps: 

  • Hand wash in cool / lukewarm water

  • Use a gentle soap

  • Lay flat to dry - this means on a towel, or flat over drying racks. (This is because if it’s placed on a hanger, it can stretch out of shape)

See? It’s not rocket science. 

Remember that alpacas are built to naturally withstand really extreme weather, so your sweater can similarly withstand more than a couple of wears without washing. 

Caring for your sweater in this way also contributes to a much greener, low-impact lifestyle. A lot of damage to the environment comes AFTER we buy our clothes, and is rooted in the unhealthy way we wash and care for clothing.