the future is: zero-waste rescued mended circular upcycled salvaged darned micro-business

We rescue luxury Peruvian materials to make beautiful, functional treasures and mending supplies to prevent landfill waste.

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From the end people
The kit arrived quickly and was full of lots of threads- bigger than I anticipated! I can’t wait to begin visible mending.
— Sheryl M.
I was so excited to receive my mending kit refill; and even more excited when I saw the colors. The moment I saw them, I immediately starting thinking what colors I would mix and what my next mending project would be. I look forward to purchasing more to build up my stock.
— Tiya T.
"For those who are adopting the growing trend to buy ethically produced clothing garments & to then extend their wear by repairing them with the art of mending, this is a great starting point. I highly recommend these efficient & practical kits for yourself & others as gifts."
— Janet R
The Art of Repair

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Visual mending is more than just a solution to a nagging hole in your clothing. It has become a means of self expression, taking something broken and celebrating its imperfection with simple needlework anyone can do.