Mending and embroidery are simple yet powerful ways to prolong the life of your clothes and express yourself. Once you learn needlework, you no longer see damaged clothes as a problem—they become a creative opportunity. Even better, these handicrafts keep you curious and passionate because the learning never ends!

We've had the honor of hosting embroidery and mending tutorials with several talented makers. The techniques and ideas they share are sure to inspire your next project. Follow along using any of our Deadstock Mending Kits. If you already have darning supplies, refill your deadstock stash with rescued Pima cotton, alpaca wool, or baby alpaca yarns

Mindful Mending Mend Along

Delve into the magical world of mending with a simple darning technique from Lily Fulop of Mindful Mending. Add colorful stitches with a fantastic visible mending tutorial, brought to you with our Deadstock Darning Mending Kit.


Pretty Strange Design Stitch Along Embroidery Tutorial

Learn how to embroider on knits with Ciara LeRoy of Pretty Strange Design. Jazzing your old knits? Adding your own custom stitches? This tutorial will show you how! Ciara uses our Deadstock Mending Kit with multi-color threads on our Logo Sweater.


Naïve Knitwear Mending Tutorial

Learn this technique for Swiss Darning Stripes to reinforce weak areas on knits with Cat Brierly of Naïve Knitwear using our Deadstock Mending Kit.


Visible Mending Colorful Knitwear Repair Course

The Endery's very own Creative Director Ellen Saville teaches you how to mend a knitted sweater and a pair of socks with visible mending techniques. She walks you through every step from building an unruly color palette that defies the concept of fast fashion to caring for your finished customized knit. Live now on Domestika!


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June 22, 2021 — Ellen Saville