Hannah Sartori, the Creative Director of one of our favorite online Australian retail destinations, Rolling Grenades Down Catwalks, talks about life as an entrepreneur, the importance of craft and sustainability.

“If we get back to basics, give back what we take, or use what we already have, people and planet will be better. It really is that simple.”

About me

I’m a proud Aussie living with my husband, and our two year old daughter and one year old son and two dogs. Life is hectic, but we like it. It’s not easy and it is never balanced, I don’t believe in that concept, but we try to make it work. I don’t get much time to myself but when I can squeeze it in I enjoy peace and quiet – and a good workout, cooking, beach days with the kids and a good wine and book or Netflix series. Speaking of which, have you got any good recommendations?

What inspired me to set up my business?

Our planet. Our home. Humanity. My children. The future. Our existence.

What is my ‘why’?

Be better. I can only be better than yesterday. I can only do better than yesterday. In this moment, I choose to be better.

Reality as a female entrepreneur

I was probably a bit naïve starting Rolling Grenades, and to be honest that’s a good thing. Had I known how hard it was going to be, the constant juggle, the late nights, early mornings, the constant pull of giving time to the kids over the business, I probably wouldn’t have started. But I believe in the business, the concept and making a difference in a world that needs more of us to step up and challenge what isn’t working and create something that will. 

Tips for women who want to start their own business

Every woman has it in them to start something. BUT you must be passionate about whatever you do, or plan to do. You will be doing it every day, sacrificing yourself, relationships and your time, so if you aren’t passionate about it, it probably isn’t worth starting. 

Also, be realistic. We are in the age of the ‘self-made entrepreneur’, and everything you read, see, watch delivers the same message, everyone can be an entrepreneur, you will succeed, you will make money, it’s easy. But we only ever read the success stories. The entrepreneurs that start and didn’t succeed, they are the stories we should be reading. Not every entrepreneur is a success, and not every business will make it.

Why craft is so important in today’s society

It has become such a rarity. If you look at craft within the fashion industry in particular garment making and textiles, fast fashion has eliminated that part of the process. The beauty and true value of clothing is in the people who make it, the actual process to make the garment, the time and the quality. That is craft. I think the pendulum is swinging though. Value is no longer seen in the speed at which clothing can be made and in the mass numbers it can be produced. Consumers are starting to recognise the importance of originality, skill, people and quality and all that begins with craft.

Something about me most people don’t know

I’m an introvert. 

How do I feel wearing a handmade garment as opposed to something mass produced?

Wearing a handmade garment is true luxury to me. 

On sustainable practices 

Sustainability is such an important concept but has lost its meaning and value due to being overused and misused in business and marketing. 

The term embodies people and our planet. To simplify, you can’t take and take from a person and expect that person to be better or the same. It’s the same with our planet. We just can’t take anymore from it. The planet and all that exists on it, including us, will not be better or the same. 

If we get back to basics, give back what we take, or use what we already have, people and planet will be better. It really is that simple.

Do I have any ‘leftovers’?

Proud to say no. We are ‘minimalist’ and mindful in everything we do within the business. Numbers, good planning and organisation play an integral role in having little excess.

Why I like working with alpaca

It’s natural, biodegradable and you don’t need to destroy anything to make it. 

May 14, 2020 — Kelly Phenicie