Gemini Circular Astrology horoscope

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May 21 - June 21, 2021

Born while the Sun fluttered through Gemini, the center of your being thrums with youthful curiosity, and that fascination with the world makes you fascinating in turn.

This upcoming year wraps up a period characterized by a strong focus on growing your self-understanding. Now that you know your kaleidoscopic heart a bit more, what do you want? What do you believe is possible for you to give to the world? Can you better respect that your role as a pollinator will never require you to choose Just One Thing to do forever?

That being said, getting real about what you believe in will support you in zeroing in on a manageable handful of VIP causes to invest your time, energy, & care into. If you feel like you’re in an ideas-rut, consider turning your sometimes-insatiable appetite for new ideas towards discovering new ways to style old favorites from your wardrobe — your creativity in general and your closet in particular will thank you.


Reinforce your intentions.

I delight in possibility & celebrate curiosity.



Harness the power of your rising sign's characteristics.

Reinvigorate your style game by innovating new outfits from the clothes you already own.


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Diana Rose - Resident Astrologer 

Diana Rose Harper is invested in the power of asking better, deeper questions towards a more brutally honest & ferociously loving state of being. By blending an earnest belief in humankind’s ability to do better, a disinterest in dysfunctional hierarchies, and delight in the process of healing, she aims to guide others towards an expansive and re-enchanted relationship with existence. She does this through astrology, tarot, energy work, writing, teaching, and mentorship. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Patreon at @ddamascenaa, or her website.

Illustrations by Daniella Graner

May 21, 2021 — Ellen Saville