In this series, we’ll be sharing our Female Founded Favorites – businesses founded by women, all around the world. But why only female-founded brands? A few reasons: as a female founded brand ourselves, we want to use our platform to highlight others! We also hope, in a small way, that by supporting these businesses, we’ll help raise awareness about equality for women, closing the pay gap and other intersectional issues. Join us as we continue to discover more Female Founded Favorites by following The Endery on Instagram. 

We’ve collected 10 fabulous, female founded businesses to share with you! From sustainable cosmetics to handmade jewelry, here are just a few of our favorite babe-led brands. 

  1. Zuahaza

Zuahaza textiles

In 2019, our friend Tatiana Ordoñez started Zuahaza, a line of textiles produced by a collective of women artisans in Colombia. Adhering to sustainable and fair trade practices, Zuahaza is dedicated to preserving the craft of traditional textile making while emphasizing a collaborative design process. Head to their Instagram for some serious boho inspiration and to see pieces from the latest collection. 

  1. EcoPartyTime 

EcoPartyTime paper straws

While we may not be having many large gatherings just yet, when the time comes, I know we’ll be ready for a major celebration! And what better way to celebrate than with sustainable party supplies? EcoPartyTime, started by Monica Garg Singhal, offers eco-friendly party tableware and decorations, with packaging made from recycled materials.  

  1. Diaspora Co.

Diaspora Co. spices

Diaspora Co. was created by founder and CEO, Sana Javeri Kadri, as a way to reimagine and reclaim the Indian spice trade. The Diaspora Co. online store offers a selection of single-origin spices as well as their collaborations with other food brands. Visit them on Instagram to spice up your feed! 

  1. Etymology Jewelry

Etymology Jewelry collection

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, each piece from Etymology Jewelry is handmade by maker and owner Natalie Jacob. Her mixed-media designs incorporate crystals, beads, vintage brass chains and more, resulting in one of a kind pieces. Follow Natalie on Instagram to get a behind-the-scenes look at her creative process. 

  1. Degen

Degen quilted shorts
Our friend, designer
Lindsay Degen has been creating ready-to-wear knits for her namesake brand since 2012. Her vibrant designs can be found on sweaters, hats, socks and even baby clothes. We love Lindsay’s quirky approach to knitwear, so we can’t wait to see what she creates next! 

  1. LXMI

LXMI face oil
Clean beauty products were once hard to come by, but in recent years, a number of new businesses have emerged. Enter: LXMI. Founded by Leila Janah, LXMI’s luxurious oils, balms and salves contain USDA Certified Organic and fair-trade ingredients, all while being produced by employing previously low-income women in Uganda. Check out
@lxmiofficial to learn more about this innovative skincare brand.

  1. Rose Moreno

Rose Moreno woven blouse

Another designer friend, Jessica Rose Moreno, will be launching her first collection later this year! With a focus on slow fashion and her Mexican heritage, Rosa’s designs use traditional textile weaving to create contemporary garments. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for the latest updates on the capsule collection launch. 

  1. Amber Fort Bedding

Amber Fort Bedding sheets

Since we’re spending more time at home now than ever, why not make your home feel like a vacation? To us, nothing feels more relaxing than bedding made of natural fibers, like those sold by Amber Fort Bedding. Started by Tessa Ghenender, Amber Fort’s bed linens are made with hemp and organic cotton, using sustainable practices and hand-crafted block prints. Not to mention – Amber Fort’s dreamy aesthetic is a welcome escape from our current work-from-home life! 

  1. The Tiny Tassel

The Tiny Tassel accessories

Fun and festive is what The Tiny Tassel is all about! Founded by Mimi Striplin in 2015, this Charleston-based brand sells handmade tassel jewelry, garments (made by her mom!), curated accessories and party decor. Mimi’s vibrant designs exude joy and are the perfect compliment to a summer outfit. 

  1. Plaine Products

Plain Products aluminum canisters

As a company, we advocate for waste-led design. As individuals, we’re always looking for ways to minimize the waste we produce at home. Sisters Lindsey McCoy and Ali Webster have created a way for people to do just that with their bathroom products. Plaine Products offers paraben- and sulfate-free, vegan, and biodegradable shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and hand soaps packaged in refillable or recyclable aluminum bottles. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of Female Founded Favorites! If you’d like your brand to be featured or have a brand you want to recommend, please email us at
August 07, 2020 — Aliana Heffernan