Can you believe that January 2020 was just 12 months ago? It's been a year of radical change, and with that we've seen amazing displays of creativity, community, and impact. Zoom chats and quiet nights in watching The Crown became our new normal. Meanwhile, we learned how to use our platforms to fight racism and stay connected from a distance. The Endery also learned invaluable lessons in flexibility. Through it all, we leaned on, laughed with, and cried with each other. And we kept on knitting.

Before we leap into the new year, we wanted to pause and reflect on our journey to spotlight the moments we're grateful for. Here are some of the snapshots we know we'll look back on fondly when we think of 2020. 

Reflecting On Our Year

We set out in 2020 with great plans for The Endery. Unpredictable quantities of our deadstock yarn were a given. Looking back now, we're grateful for the flexible mindset it helped us adopt for the unpredictable weeks ahead. 


Cotton Series I, our first cotton collection, was fresh on the scene. We mingled freely on set, and our lovely photographer Martin Del Pozo helped us create vibrant moments with our talented models. 

Catch more of this shoot on YouTube.



We also got to play in the streets of Lima, guided by Provincia co-founder and creative director Fernanda Medina who knew just where to find the right backdrops.  



At the end of each day, we were thrilled to be able to work with our knitters to help erase waste.



Our Post-COVID World

When things changed, they changed quickly. As we went into lockdown and our routines were turned upside down, we embraced each day as a new beginning. 

Work from home wardrobes were mastered and we combed our closets for forgotten gems.



We learned how to learn from home, and how to express ourselves from a distance.



We watched everyday people become true heroes, and felt called to share our appreciation. Here's ICU nurse Polly, one of the winners of our Frontline Workers giveaway, donning her well deserved Everywhere Hat.

Fact: Many tears were shed as we read the frontline worker nominations. We are forever grateful to all of those who have risked their lives to help others through the pandemic.



Finding Comfort and Connection Through Craft

The new normal gave us some unexpected gifts, including the gift of time. Time to slow down, be intentional with our wardrobes, and even customize them. We saw this as a very welcome opportunity to bring more craft into The Endery. 

Camilla Novao was still able to make a stunning photoshoot happen from a safe distance for the first drop of our Custom Series I, featuring Logo and No Logo Sweaters with plenty of space for embroidery and customization.



Ciera LeRoy of Pretty Strange Design knew just what statement to make for our collaboration which included a micro-collection featuring her hand embroidery, and an IGTV Stitch Along Embroidery Tutorial.



We fell head over heels with visible mending, and were honored to have Arounna Khounnoraj from Bookhou join us for a visible mending workshop.



We also teamed up with the knit edit to brighten up your DIY days with the Waste Not Cardigan knitting pattern!



Even from our homes, we heard amplified voices leading the way for anti-racism, and we were deeply moved by the activism in the craft community and the world.



Our knitters remained dedicated to their craft through everything to create our Custom Series I, plus exciting collaborations with Anthropologie and DEGEN.

Go behind the scenes of our Anthropologie collab and experience the sights and sounds of the workshop in Peru.


Remember when we could be less than 6 feet (or two meters) apart? We can't wait to be able to sit, chat, and knit together again.



Until then, we invite you to join us on Instagram in setting intentions for the new year with our Waste Not Manifesto as your muse, using the hashtag #TheEnderyIntentions.

The Endery Manifesto is a collection of illustrations from Latina illustrator Daniella Graner in partnership with art agency Hey Hunters in Lima, Peru, to address critical questions of the fashion industry and circular approaches to living in a post-Covid world.

It is a resource for comprehensive change to lifestyle, waste and approaches to fashion, inspiring reflection and inviting you to think deeply on your intentions for a radical 2021 and beyond! 

This is a free download, made to be distributed and shared with friends, so get it here and send it to someone in your circle who's ready for a revolutionary year.




Kelly and Ellen

December 31, 2020 — Ellen Saville