The cold facts are that consumerism and the overuse of poor materials have a devastating impact on our planet. Absurd amounts of unworn, unused materials and products are routinely sent to landfills. It has to stop.

So we challenged ourselves to make a new kind of brand, one that really takes the earth’s needs into account. And that means using what already exists, because what you may not know is that there is an alarming amount of high quality fabric and yarn out there that is simply not being used.

Circular Fashion = Rescuing Yarn

Who made your sweater?

The art of making a sweater is lengthy and complex. It comes with great skill and finesse. We are privileged to work some of the most skilled craftspeople in Peru. 

People are important to us.

Sustainability is a team effort.

We proudly produce with fair trade standards and believe it's our duty as a brand to not cut corners and do better to make sustainability happen. Stay tuned for more info on who we collaborate with.