The Deadstock Reality.

What you may not know is that there is an alarming amount of high quality fabric and yarn out there that is simply not being used. Consider it collateral damage from normal knitwear production that later just sits in warehouses. 

This is deadstock - inventory that doesn’t move. And in Peru alone, in just yarn, this is happening to the tune of at least 15+ tons per year as the sum of leftovers from different yarn suppliers and factories. It’s not really on purpose, somehow the yarn just reproduces like rabbits.

How do we know? We have a lot of experience as the behind-the-scenes people of knitwear production. Maybe we even made the sweater you’re wearing. And this means we see leftover production materials happen in real time, all the time. Seeing this happen before our eyes, we couldn’t really just sit around and do nothing, could we? 

Fashion waste is no joke.


Kelly Phenicie - Managing Director

boy mommy •  runner • permanent expat • podcast addict

Kelly is tough as nails when it comes to getting things done, but a softie at heart. She cares deeply about people and the planet, and the path that’s led her to Peru, knitwear and The Endery was largely based on those two things. She has an incessant need to raise the bar and believes in constantly improving - herself, the business, and what can be achieved. She adores her husband and kiddo, traveling, working, running, reading. Next on her bucket list are sweater knitting and boxing.

Ellen Saville - Creative Director

world traveler • vintage shopper • yoga addict • Japan obsessive • alpaca lover

Ellen is that girl who has been making her own clothes since she was seven. She sews, knits, and loves not only clothing, but the people behind them. She’s a huge believer in the power of craft in transforming the fashion industry - making, mending and upcycling as a way of slowing down processes that are intrinsically flawed and linear, that have literally created piles of textile with nowhere to go. She loves traveling and has been living her best life in Europe, Japan, Peru, and now New York, since age 22.