The Endery X Pichinku | Deadstock Baby Alpaca Mending Kit


We partnered up with social enterprise Pichinku to fill our best-selling Deadstock Mending Kit with the finest deadstock baby alpaca yarns. Baby alpaca is a cruelty-free wool that comes from the softest part of the adult alpaca. Each botanically-dyed hue is inspired by colors in golden hour sunsets from the Andean region they were born in. The outstanding quality of baby alpaca brings a touch of luxury to your clothing repairs. Embroidery clippers and two different needle gauges let you follow your inspiration wherever it takes you.

Pichinku produces all-natural yarn, botanically dyed in small batches by the skilled hands of women artisans in Cusco, Peru. 

New to mending? Take the Visible Mending: Colorful Knitwear Repair course.

This Deadstock Baby Alpaca Mending Kit includes:

  • Size 18 darning needle for repairs on most knits
  • Size 5 embroidery needle for customizing your clothes
  • Embroidery clippers for easy thread snips
  • 8 mini skeins of premium deadstock baby alpaca yarn in 4 colors
  • Embroidery bag for stowing away all the pieces
  • A postcard from us, to you

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