The Endery X Uma Knits Garden Variety Halter Crop Knitting Pattern


Introducing our first knitting pattern collab with Uma Murphy from Uma Knits!

Knitting is a labor of love and we see knitting patterns as a natural extension of The Endery's mission: To support sustainable, slow fashion through the use of all the ends, making sure no bit of yarn goes to waste. Naturally, we meshed with Uma’s purpose-driven passion for designing sustainable, unique knitwear inspired by nature.

The Garden Variety Halter Crop is a simple, bottom-up knit with a high neck and tied halter. It is absolutely seamless! Make no mistake—it won’t be a garden variety knit when you’re through with it. You have the choice to plant embroidered flowers among the rows of color or let the stripes speak for themselves. Knit in worsted weight yarn scraps, the crop is a quick, stash-busting project and a great beginner-friendly introduction to bottom-up knitting. 

You will need:

  • 3.75mm circular knitting needles (24” cable)

  • 4.5mm circular knitting needles (24” cable)

  • Two 4.5mm DPNs for I-cord

  • Stitch markers

  • Measuring tape

  • Deadstock yarn for embroidery

  • Embroidery needle & sewing needle

  • Scrap yarn (worsted weight) - approximately 50gr

The pattern is for sizes:

XS = bust circumference of 28-30

S = bust circumference of 32-34 in

M = bust circumference of 36-38 in

L = bust circumference of 40-42 in

XL = bust circumference of 44-46 in

2XL = bust circumference of 48-50 in

3XL = bust circumference of 52-54 in

4XL = bust circumference of 56-58 in

5XL = bust circumference of 60-62 in

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