The Endery Manifesto - Waste Not Manifesto - (free digital download)


A Revolutionary Approach to Leftovers: Putting Deadstock Yarn to Work and Expanding Circular Thinking.

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The Endery Manifesto is a collection of illustrations from Latina illustrator Daniella Graner in partnership with art agency Hey Hunters in Lima, Peru, to address critical questions of the fashion industry and circular approaches to living in a post-Covid world.

It is a resource for comprehensive change to lifestyle, waste and approaches to fashion, inspiring reflection and inviting the reader to think deeply on their intentions for a radical 2021 and beyond.

With illustrations from talented designer Daniella Graner, The Endery delves into the world of repurposing materials with playful and thoughtful artwork, showing exactly where we are, and where we are heading with our movement.

At the core of this Manifesto is the question of wellbeing and caring for each other and planet. The Endery Manifesto lays the groundwork for radical and revolutionary approaches.

Illustration: @daniellagraner

Art Agency: @heyhunters

Designed by: @estudioprovincia

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