I am a self-confessed knitwear junkie and a lover of winter for that exact reason. Having worked in alpaca development design and knitwear for a number years, I can sing this majestic animal’s praises for hours - just ask my friends. Here I’m going to tell you why you should switch to alpaca, if you haven’t already. 

I often call alpacas “Zen Masters.” And it’s not just because they hum when they’re happy. They are masters of living lightly and have graced the highlands of the Andes for centuries. Beside the fact they’re super cute and great for memes, alpacas have some serious Yoda-like qualities.

Alpacas Sustainable Fiber

The Incas believed the alpaca had mystical properties, so it was highly revered and worshipped for its strengths and rare qualities. Here are the reasons why I worship alpaca (and you should, too):

1) Alpaca outperforms many other high-quality fibers not only in its high-luxe appeal but also for its luster, depth of color and its long life properties. 

2) It’s actually warmer than cashmere or merino wool. This is because its a hollow fiber. Alpaca is famous for its luxurious fleece and its versatility: it won’t shrink or pill if given correct care, it is hypoallergenic and has water resistant properties. That makes it perfect for sports. 

3) It boasts the biggest range of natural colors out of all the natural fibers. What’s more is that with the correct care, it can last for years as it is virtually indestructible: take a look at some ancient Peruvian textiles and you’ll see what I mean.

4) Alpacas are finely suited to the harsh conditions of the Peruvian Andes, they produce more fleece and consume less water and food which makes them highly sustainable. Perhaps most unbelievably, their hooves are softly padded which reduces environmental impact. This is a stark contrast to cashmere and wool, sheep and goat hooves, which can have irrevocable damage on the environment.

We chose to make our first collection from alpaca because we believe in it. alpaca closeupWe love its softness and the way it has a very low environmental impact in every way. Bliss out with the zen masters of Peru by wearing alpaca and supporting the traditional Peruvian farming industry while you’re doing it. And if you're unsure how to care for your alpaca sweater, just visit here. (We promise it's a lot easier than caring for the real thing.)

November 12, 2019 — Ellen Saville